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Facebook fan base – buy or grow...

Facebook fan base – buy or grow

The rapid growth of social media has become a marketing channel nobody can afford to ignore these days. With all the changes Google made to the search results becoming more social, this ‘branding’ approach has it’s place in the marketing world.

Working as a SEO specialist in a payment service provider, I was recently bombarded with quite a few “special” offers for Facebook fans. On paper, 10,000 fans priced in between $500 and $700 over 7-9 business days sounds really good. Then I asked myself, “Should I buy my fan base or grow it?” and next ‘Why would someone join a page for $0.05?’. I did my homework and figured out these would be either some useless fans that like every page they are offered or worse – those are FAKE accounts.

My research continued and after reading quite a lot of articles I came to the conclusion that paid fans are really not a viable option as they are not worth it.

If you are not yet convinced, let me ask you the one million dollar question: “What is the point of Facebook fan pages and SOCIAL media in general if they fail to reach the right people?”

The very fabric of the social media and its fast growth is the ability of people themselves to add value to a topic or a piece of information through the invitation to discuss, like, share, and comment as well as ask questions and generally broaden the conversation.

Upon digging deeper into the fans` problem, I found some friends and colleagues who have used services. I asked them what would I get and whether it was, after all, worthy in terms of pure growth?

The results were far from surprising. Here is what you will have:

My international brand and target audience requires buying an international package. The international package means my Facebook fan page will acquire a number of fans from countries that are not in our target audience, such as Russia, India and other countries we actually do not target at all! Moreover, the majority of fans are under 18 and some are even under 13. Really? Have you ever heard of somebody involved in the payment industry under the age of 13? Because I surely have not! In addition, another issue is the poor English that starts appearing on your fan page while you strive to position it as an authoritative source of information.

To summarize, if you pay for fans you will be stuck with poor English on your fan page, the wrong audience which is not even remotely interested in your business, and random posts coming always from the same people. Only few Facebook likes can be expected usually from real fans but don’t count on more than a dozen from the paid fans.

Bottom line is, no doubt that buying Facebook fans from third parties will bring some numbers. However, I cannot imagine what kind of a company would appreciate such a poor quality fans on their Facebook fan page!