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Simple steps to reduce online shopping risks...

Simple steps to reduce online shopping risks

All these are pretty simple steps, but when neglected, you might easily get in big financial trouble.

So, you type your credit card details on an online payment page and you might think that’s the moment when you lose control of where that information goes to.  Not exactly. There are some basic rules to keep your credit card details safe and secure. Try to spot if the website where you put your credit card details is legitimate or not. Things that any reputable merchant and established payment processors like us regard as best practices.

Take a look at some best practices recommended by eMerchantPay:

Here is what to look for:

1. First, make sure that the web site address or URL is what you expect it to be.  For example if you are buying on eBay then the website address should be www.ebay.com/net/eu etc,  but not something like www.shop-example-name.com.

2. The company name, address and brand name of the merchant you are shopping with should be clearly and easily visible on the website. It might be at the bottom part of the page or in the “contact us” page or in the best scenario in both.

3. Terms and Conditions, Refund policy, Cancellation policy and Privacy policy should all be clearly visible, as they are very important sections of the website. Very few people bother to read those but there is a lot of important information relating to your rights and how your purchase will be handled there. If they are not clear and visible then you should consider moving on.

4. On the Customer Support page you should be able to find several easy ways to contact the Merchant.

5. On the payment page check that it is secure by looking for the padlock symbol and that the URL starts with https://.

6. Check if the product you are purchasing is defined with specific amount and currency charges.

7. Note how the transaction will appear on your credit card statement (look for the “descriptor”), if it is defined. With the descriptor you will recognize the transaction when your statement arrives.

These steps may not be totally bullet proof but if you check these things before purchasing, you lower the risk and you gain a relaxing shopping experience

Remember – shop safely and have fun!