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Let’s get digital...

Let’s get digital

Maybe you have noticed it too, but a lot of blogs and other media have been mentioning the rise of online grocery shopping these past couple of weeks. This probably has something to do with the report that Internetretailer.com released earlier this month. This 2016 Online Food Report states that the online sales of groceries grew by 15% the past year and now accounts for 4.4% of the global market. But that is not all: did you know that online grocery shopping sales almost top $50 billion worldwide? To us, this makes complete sense: nobody wants to spend their free Saturday morning making their way through crying children, pushy shoppers and free sample mayhem in order to get their weekly groceries. Completely in sync with 21st century consumerism, consumers want to buy things, they just don’t want to go outside to do it.

Being a payment service provider, one of our more important tasks is to keep an eye out for innovative technological developments and growth markets. In this sense we are much like fashion designers (however so slightly less fashionable): we are always working a few seasons ahead of our client base, and have entire teams dedicated to look into the future. This helps us to ensure that our products are not just up to date, but also ahead of their time.

This is why the findings in Internetretailer’s report coincide with a trend that we ourselves noticed a while back. We observed that brick and mortar retailers are being spectacularly surpassed by their digital counterparts. To tap into this promising growth market, our Product Development and IT teams have been working around the clock to implement and update all the necessary software and hardware that prepares our gateway for all the new physical-gone-digital retail merchants.