Application process

eMerchantPay is growing and is continuously looking for new sales talents and skilled professionals who like to develop with us.

You can apply directly for the vacancy you are interested in by sending a short motivational letter and your curriculum vitae to

Your application will be reviewed by the HR department. For the recruitment and selection of some of our vacancies we receive support from our external HR partners who may engage with you on our behalf.

If we feel your profile meets the requirements of the role, you will be invited for a first interview. Due to the international set-up of our company, this may be a telephone interview. During this first interview, you will be advised about and guided through the further selection procedure. Further assessment and checks may be part of the selection process dependent on the position offered.

If the position you are interested in is not vacant at this time, please subscribe to the RSS feed Careers at the bottom of this page to stay informed about new vacancies. You can also send an open application to

The interview

Our interviews will focus on whether you have the right capabilities and competency potential for the position on offer. You can prepare by looking at the requirements and responsibilities listed in the vacancy and be ready to provide (work) examples demonstrating your competence and work approach.

We will also be looking at whether you ´fit´ within the organisation. This is not easy to prepare for, however you may want to look at the information provided on the website and consider how the company´s culture would suit you. Given that English is our business language, it is important you have a confident proficiency level. All the interviews will be conducted in English.

The interview may be led by HR (internal or our external HR partners), the hiring manager, future colleagues and/or executive team members. If you are applying for a senior position you will be introduced to between 1 and 3 executive team members as part of the process. We will conduct interviews both face-to-face and by phone.