Delivering seamless payment experiences...

Delivering seamless payment experiences

BenchMark case study

Delivering best-of-breed brokerage services

Established in 2003, BenchMark Finance is a MiFID licensed broker, providing investment and ancillary services in UK, Germany, France and Spain.

The company offers investment trading services for over 30,000 financial securities on the international financial markets, including 19,000+ commodities on 36 stock exchanges.

Enabling customers to easily withdraw and deposit funds is king

BenchMark required modern, flexible and reliable payments technologies to support their unrivalled customer experience and fast-growth strategies.

Metodi Kaydamov, Senior Account Manager at eMerchantPay: “Variables such as payments scope and reach were important to enable BenchMark’s continuous growth within the volatile financial markets they operate in.”

While ease of integration, competitive pricing and on-going support were key priorities, a seamless payment experience – delivered as a one-stop-shop – remained above all.

Working closely to realise efficiencies

Designed to meet best-in-class quality standards, the integration process paved the way to a rapid and smooth implementation phase. Due to meticulous planning and quick problem resolution, the implementation phase took no more than 10 days.

“Thanks to the detailed technical documentation and step-by-step guidance and assistance, we were able to meet our business requirements and the implementation process was carried out quickly.” Evelina Toncheva, Investment Advisor at BenchMark.

Increasing revenue and reach

Through optimised payments configuration, eMerchantPay was able to process customer withdrawals quickly and efficiently. This in turn, resulted in an enhanced customer experience, a reduction in cancelled payments and an increase in future transactions.

Evelina Toncheva, Investment Advisor at BenchMark: “We strive to deliver extraordinary customer and payments experiences across multiple touch points. Our partnership with eMerchantPay will no doubt enable expansion into new territories – offering our customers further preferred payment types – aimed at increased conversion.”

“We are excited about BenchMark’s innovation strategies and look forward to continue to work closely with them. Our aim is to drive efficiencies for our customers, helping them make the most out of their online revenue.” Jonas Reynisson, CEO at eMerchantPay.