eMerchantPay Achieves ISO 9001 Compliance...

eMerchantPay Achieves ISO 9001 Compliance

Los Angeles, CA (October 03, 2010) – Leading EU processing solution provider eMerchantPay (www.eMerchantPay.com) has earned prestigious certifications from the renowned management systems certification body – Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). The certification covers ISO 9001 based QMS system.

ISO 9001:2008 certification is the internationally recognized quality management system standard, and the preferred solution for over half a million organizations in 159 countries. The independent monitoring and stringent certificate renewal process allows companies and decision-makers to rely on the continuing inspections of expert, unbiased Q&A teams capable of assessing technical operations and verifying full compliance with best industry practices.

“We understand business owners place reliability above everything else when it comes to working with a payment processor. Having independent unbiased inspectors providing meaningful certification of our Quality Management System gives all eMerchantPay clients real peace of mind” said Jonas Reynisson, Chairman and CEO of eMerchantPay. “LRQA is the most recognized global systems standard and we are very proud of the fact that eMerchantPay is able to earn their highest level of certification and demonstrate our commitment to an unsurpassed level of reliability and stability for our clients.”

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