eMerchantPay improves technologies...

eMerchantPay improves technologies

eMerchantPay is pleased to announce that it has been granted funds under contract № 4МС-02-47/27.04.2012 “ISO 27001:2005 and CRM competitiveness investment” between The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism , BSMEPA (Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency) and eMerchantPay Ltd under priority ax 2 “Increasing efficiency of enterprises and promoting a supportive business environment” of the Operational Program for Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013.

The objective supports enterprises with a development potential, where the modernisation of technologies and quality management will be assisted, as well as the improvement of the consultancy and information services offered to businesses that improve energy efficiency and encouraging business co-operation and networking.

eMerchantPay focus will be on projects 2.1 and 2.1.2 “Improvement of technologies and management in enterprises” whose aim is achieving compliance with internationally recognised market standards.

Contracts under this project

♦   Offer and documentation for the procedure implementation of eMerchantPay Ltd granted funds under contract № 4МС-02-47/27.04.2012 ♦  Explanation with regards to 1588 / 15.08.2012 from Technologica  EAD | Разяснение във връзка със изх.ном. 1588 / 15.08 2012 на Технологика ЕАД

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