eMerchantPay is a top sponsor of Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016...

eMerchantPay is a top sponsor of Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016

eMerchantPay is a top sponsor of Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016

SOFIA, October 4th, 2016 – eMerchantPay Group, the trusted global leader in international payment processing for e-commerce, alternative solutions, recurring bill payments, virtual terminals and more is proud to be sponsoring Bulgaria PHP Conference 2016 as a top sponsor.

The conference will take place at Sofia Event Center between 7th and 9th of October.

eMerchantPay will have a strong presence with its own booth, materials, and surprises for the PHP Conference attendees, in addition to the 10+ engineers joining the conference on both days.

eMerchantPay, despite its focus on Ruby and Rails tech stack, is a multi-paradigm, multi-language software company. Thus, we have also employed and are still happily using PHP for a number of projects, including our one-click-setup shopping cart plugins, a number of websites powered by the WordPress platform (including the one you are browsing now), and a few PHP libraries amongst others. In addition, PHP is a language we all worked with, in various phases of our engineering experience, and we take it seriously, especially in combination with our BDD approach (PHPSpec), composer, and the open-source ecosystem around the tools and frameworks we use.

We are awaiting PHP Conference 2016 with keen interest, to socialise and share some good practices and knowledge with the PHP community.

About Bulgaria PHP Conference

Bulgaria PHP Conference is a premier PHP event, gathering PHP and frontend developers and engineers from all around Europe. The conference brings internationally renowned experts from the PHP industry to talk about APIs, Frameworks, Security, Testing, Continuous Integration, and much more.

About eMerchantPay

eMerchantPay Limited is a Payments Institution, regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Additionally eMerchantPay Limited is a principal member of Visa and MasterCard. eMerchantPay works with credit and debit card acquirers across the world and in addition provides in excess of 50 alternative payment solution, internationally. In addition, eMerchantPay has established its own credit and debit card acquirer, E-Comprocessing, which operates across Europe.