Expand your business and revenues

eMerchantPay provides payment industry solutions and merchant account services for low risk merchants as well as high risk merchants.

The growth in spending on the Internet, along with the growing need for secure transactions has dramatically increased the importance of choosing the right processing partner. We at eMerchantPay are more than a payment service provider, we are payment partners, specialists and consultants.

eMerchantPay offers:

  • A robust portfolio of payment solutions and services that enables you to accept all major debit and credit cards and the most advanced alternative payment solutions in line with best industry practices.
  • Over 50 international and local payment solutions with more than 150 transaction currencies and 15 settlement currencies and help you to increase your conversion ratios and expand your global coverage.
  • Specialised services helping you maximise your payment processing and business requirements.
  • Secure PCI compliant payment gateway and top quality fraud scrubbing techniques, to minimise your fraud and revenue loss.

eMerchantPay’s solutions are designed to service multiple business verticals. Whatever your business is, our solutions are a unique combination of merchant account services and multiple international and local payment options, customised to meet your business’s specific requirements.

It’s our job to provide you with a robust portfolio of customisable solutions with multi currency coverage to ensure you the best possible outcome and results.