Payment gateway

eMerchantPay‘s advanced technical expertise enables merchants to accept cards and other forms of electronic payments via the Internet. The gateway access is simplified as a web service while keeping security a top priority. Our gateway is L1 PCI DSS Compliant with 2048-bit SSL data encryption.

In addition eMerchantPay is regularly audited by usd AG for keeping to the PCI Security Standards and adheres to Visa and MasterCard operating regulations.

online payment gateway process diagram

Merchants are provided with merchant accounts which provide the connection between the acquiring bank and eMerchantPay’s gateway. eMerchantPay differentiates between traditional cards and the evolving range of alternative payment methods. eMerchantPay therefore delivers payment solutions with cards payment platform already incorporated and supports multiple acquiring banks and alternative payment options such as e-Wallets, Real-Time Bank Transfers and Offline Bank Transfers as well as prepaid/voucher based solutions – all easily accessed via HTTPS Internet with synchronous response.

Merchants receive the benefit of rich and specific information as each terminal opened on the gateway and associated with the merchant account effectively supports business and resource management:

  • User differentiation and customisation of access rights
  • Advanced traffic shaping and dispatching
  • Multiple customisable fields and functionalities; such as customer name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address and full payment details.
  • Per terminal configuration with a number of anti-fraud scrubbing features depending on the merchant’s expected level of fraud
  • Various Payment Models

Our simple unified payment gateway API gives the merchant access to a PCI DSS certified Multi Acquirer platform. It allows for advanced traffic shaping and dispatching and incorporates major acquirers and payment methods. The services and features are well defined and documented, and the merchant payment solutions each support different user guides, which are easy to navigate through.

The guides are easy to understand and not technically overwhelming, which saves our merchants both time and money. Standardisation of parameters and scalable infrastructure are just a few of the basic gateway principles.

The technical infrastructure and network are set up in a clustered, highly available environment with full failover between two independent data centre points-of-presence (POPs) and a third independent back up POP for disaster recovery, monitoring and backend operations. The systems in each data centre have full redundancy in place and all data is synchronised in real time between the two live POPs via three independent paths to guarantee our merchants 99.9999% uptime.

eMerchantPay’s gateway provides our merchants with various transaction data, reports and billing statements that enable them to monitor transactions, chargeback trends and ratios, billing and approval rates among other key data, all of which provide merchants with vital business information and insights. Some other reports and statements offered by eMerchantPay include bank hold statements, fraud analysis reports and transaction analysis reports.

You can access key information such as:

  • Consolidated real-time transaction reports: through an advanced search function, our gateway offers you daily, weekly and monthly reports per client account or a summary. These reports are fully customisable and downloadable in different formats.
  • Billing and invoice statements: our gateway generates statements for the billing period applicable to you and provides a detailed breakdown of each of your account´s activity for a given period. Simplified reconciliation with acquiring banks.
  • Codes: the gateway provides codes that come with declined transactions (declined codes), chargebacks (chargeback reason codes), fraudulent transactions (fraudulent reason codes) and more. These codes allow you to analyse transactions in order to improve your product offering, prevent fraud and offer prospective customers alternative ways of paying.

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