Outsourced solutions

eMerchantPay offers merchants fully outsourced solutions and hosted payments where merchants can choose to partially or entirely outsource their billing process to us. We offer these services through a software solution built under the eMerchantPay gateway. These services are offered under two options: eMP Checkout and eMP Direct.
eMP Checkout
eMP Checkout is a fully outsourced solution. Here, the customer starts the checkout process on the merchant’s web site, but completes the payment on eMerchantPay’s hosted payment page. The look and feel of the payment page can be customised by merchants to fit their needs and eMerchantPay’s secure server offers advanced protection from DoS/DDoS attacks and web bots. As our payment gateway is registered as Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant, merchants benefit from robust payment card data security processes — including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents. Merchants that use eMP Checkout benefit not only from the reduced compliance costs while maintaining the highest security standards, but can also use the services of our 24/7/365 multilingual billing support centre for free.
eMP Direct
Our eMP Direct solution is a direct outsourced solution where merchants are able to operate under their own brand name and web site although the payment page is hosted on eMerchantPay’s servers. Here, customers stay on the merchant’s web site during the whole purchase process, providing them with a highly transparent experience. The payment form can also be served up as an iFrame within the merchant’s own web site simplifying the user experience. eMerchantPay offers PCI scans, thereby benefitting merchants that are able to avoid the PCI Scan costs.
Rich fraud-scrubbing tools
These tools aim to help merchants minimise fraudulent activities and keep conversion rates high.
Sophisticated real-time risk management tools
These tools are designed to help with chargeback disputes, as well as with filing pre-arbitrations.
Customisable hosted payment page
A hosted payment page or customisable payment fields with seamless “on-page” design blend. The payment page accepts all forms and types of payment, allowing payment transactions to occur anytime, in any language and in multiple currencies.
Product module
Merchants are able to create, edit and remove products and customise pricing. The module is also able to operate recurring payment charges and generate usernames and passwords for customers to access websites.
Payment support module
The module provides detailed access to the transactions database. The payment support database is accessible both to customers and merchant’s payment support employees.
Billing support web site
This website is accessible to both merchants and customers for billing enquiries.
Email confirmations
The hosted payment solutions send an email purchase confirmation to customers following a purchase. An email confirmation will also provide a customer with access to the billing support website for the purpose of searching for transactions.
Call centre support
Customer call centre support for merchants who do not have the ability to provide such service 24/7.
  • Process payment anytime in any language or currency
  • Boost your conversion rate with an extensive portfolio of international and local payment solutions
  • Secure your business with an annual PCI compliance scan and SSL-encrypted payment page
  • Partner with a company that will handle all the payment activities on your behalf with secure hosted payment, enabling you to make better use of your resources
  • Provide your business with customised solutions designed to fit your targeted geographies
  • Manage fraud and risk efficiently with comprehensive tools
  • Decrease chargebacks and disputes by prohibiting unauthorised transactions
  • Decrease customer call centre overhead via outsourcing
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment with a secure payment web page

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