Payment processing

Our payment processing solutions are customised to meet your business needs. eMerchantPay’s global payment processing solutions are created by our advanced know-how and technology, and are designed to be easy and simple to use. Our services provide you with the widest range of online payment processing, ranging  from all major credit, debit and prepaid cards, to bank transfers and local country-specific payment solutions.

Choosing eMerchantPay as your partner for online payment processing services, guarantees a move towards increased sales and a boost in profits.

provides your
online business
  • … acceptance of debit and credit cards without the upfront costs and bank account payments for your website
  • … an increased conversion rate. By allowing customers to pay for goods and services in their preferred language, currency and means of payment, conversion will be higher
  • … fraud prevention tools and risk management
  • … an easy to use gateway interface
  • … free reports and processing analysis with customisable features
  • … a customised payment page
  • … an integrated shopping cart
  • … One Time Token

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