Risk management

Merchant risk management and fraud protection are paramount to us, and when accepting large volumes of payments or when operating in a higher risk sector, the impact of fraud becomes even more acute. Our built-in fraud scrubbing and security features help merchants reduce the need for manual transaction reviews and minimise fraudulent sales that require merchants to engage in chargebacks and refunds.

eMerchantPay’s core competencies, experience, continuous improvement and innovations protect your business and lay out the foundations for secure and successful online business activity. Our risk management and fraud prevention services allow for full customisation to provide the appropriate fraud scrubbing tools for your business and to reduce costs effectively.

  • Data security
  • TC40 / SAFE Search
  • Fraud prevention through top-quality fraud scrubbing tools
  • All transactions type monitoring (approved, declined and void)
  • Website and business model compliance checks
  • Risk assessment based on processing activity
  • Chargeback management
  • Pre-authorisation and settlement control
  • Customisable risk rule set module

The gateway infrastructure and our data security solutions are protected by an enterprise DDoS mitigation system, which mitigates both complex and volumetric attacks.

Key data security features:

  • All data streams managed and directed in real-time
  • All transaction data are validated and authenticated prior to forwarding to the acquirer
  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption key
  • Risk rule-set module to catch, combat and block fraudulent transactions
  • Extensive negative database continually updated
  • Fire-walled and encrypted database
  • Complete back office accounting module
  • Regularly audited by external experts to ensure gateway security
Rich fraud scrubbing tools customisable to client:

Automated & manual fraud monitoring

Gateway integrated multiple fraud scrubbing tools

Risk scoring of transaction activity

Built in fingerprint device check

Flexible online management information

Business specific tools & techniques

Transaction monitoring

Real time fraud tool selection & customisation

  • Velocity checking
  • Transaction threshold and limits
  • Bin country checks
  • IP address geo-location authentication
  • Public records address verification system (AVS)
  • Negative database and blacklists
  • Cross-merchant and cross-channel checks
  • Encrypted payment form URLs to prevent fraud
  • Complimentary risk management counseling
  • Other tools include: risk assessment of merchants and web-content crawling services
  • Transaction and Fraud Analysis Report: provides a summary of the chargeback figures within a certain selected period of time. It is designed to locate trends and to enable merchants to draw the right conclusions and apply appropriate measures when needed.

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