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Established in 2002, eMerchantPay is a trusted payment service provider that provides international online, mobile, POS and alternative payment processing services to merchants across the globe.

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eMerchantPay Checkout
  • Login to your Shopify Admin Panel using the Account Owner credentials
  • Navigate to Settings -> Payments
  • Locate the panel Accept credit cards and click on the dropdown menu Select a Credit Card Gateway
  • Choose eMerchantPay Checkout or eMerchantPay Checkout (Sandbox) from the Gateway Providers list, set your gateway credentials and configure the module as per your needs.
  • If the desired Gateway Provider is not listed there, use the eMerchantPay Checkout to add a gateway adapter for production environment or use the eMerchantPay Checkout (Sandbox) to test the gateway functionality in test mode. Enter your Shop name and Account Owner credentials to install it on your store
  • Click the button Activate to enable the payment method.
eMerchantPay Checkout
  • Use test mode - Transactions go either through our testing or live (production) environment. In the testing environment no actual money is transferred. Useful when you install the plugin for the first time and try to tweak all the settings.
  • Login - Your Genesis username.
  • Password - Your Genesis password.
Note: Please, have in mind that 2 different gateway adapters are used (testing and production). You need to set the Use test mode to true if you are using the staging gateway adapter eMerchantPay Checkout (Sandbox) or to false if you are configuring the production gateway adapter eMerchantPay Checkout
  • Navigate to Orders -> Orders and click the order number you wish to edit.
  • In the Order Preview page click the button Capture payment below order total
  • Enter the amount you wish to capture and click Accept
  • Note: Please, have in mind that the Auth/Capture functionality is available only when the Payment authorization in Settings -> Payments is set to Manually. Otherwise the order payment will be captured automatically and you will be able to process only a Refund Transaction.
  • Navigate to Orders -> Orders and click the order number you wish to edit.
  • In the Order Preview page click the button Refund below order total after the payment has been captured
  • Enter the Refund Reason and the Amount you wish to refund and click Refund
  • Navigate to Orders -> Orders and click the order number you wish to edit.
  • Click on the button ... at the top the page and choose Cancel Order
  • On the opened Popup Dialog choose the reason for cancelling the order and click Cancel order
  • Open the Demo Store and click on the link at the top right corner Enter using Password
  • Enter the following password to access the Store: @ccessc0de and click Enter
Note: Have in mind that the Authorize / Settlement functionality is available only for eMerchantPay Checkout method. The Hosted Payment Method eMerchantPay Direct is not yet integrated.